We got a chance to interview Black Box VR after they won the Engaget Best Startup Award at CES 2018.

It was a great visit with Ryan Deluca, CEO of Blackbox and Job Stauffer from the VR Institute of Health and Exercise.

Julia asked some great questions about their use of the HTC Vive, their approach to fitness using VR, Black Box’s target market, and and even the price point. Ryan Deluca knows his stuff and the visit took the feel of a sports reporter interviewing an athlete after they won the championships. “Super Fun”.

Black Box VR is from Boise Idaho, as Ryan Deluca said, “Center of the tech world and potatoes”.

Ryan isn’t a potato farmer though, he is a tech business veteran from way back. He started www.bodybuilder.com in 1997 leading it to become worlds largest online fitness supplement store with more than a million visitors a day. Now Ryan is focusing on the development of resistance based exercise in VR. The Black Box system relies on the HTC Vive because of it’s flexibility with additional accessories and the happy announcement of the HTC Vive Pro.

The Black Box VR system challenges the user with a game in VR that is controlled with resistance cable equipment that can provide 100 lbs of resistance per arm. Plenty to get a serious burn on while destroying aliens in VR.