Travel in Virtual Reality: Tourism and destination resorts realize ROI

Since 2016, when virtual reality (VR) made progress into mainstream media, people have been asking, “how can this benefit me?” Understanding the benefits of virtual environments is somewhat of a mystery. Most people can hardly grasp the concepts of VR, mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (AR) let alone gain benefit from it, especially since [...]

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Interviewing Black Box VR at CES 2018

We got a chance to interview Black Box VR after they won the Engaget Best Startup Award at CES 2018. It was a great visit with Ryan Deluca, CEO of Blackbox and Job Stauffer from the VR Institute of Health and Exercise. Julia asked some great questions about their use of the HTC Vive, their [...]

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So, what is virtual reality and how can we use it?

 "We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us."    This phrase is used to describe how the tools we create provide a framework for thought leading to a change of human habit. Simply put, technology changes us. Remember when cell phone use was an up-and-coming trend, and suddenly almost everybody had a [...]

Zero Latency at Level Up in Las Vegas

We visited CES 2018 in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Over four days we seriously went to hundreds of VR and AR booths to check out the new gear and software. It was awesome. While we were there we got the chance to visit the free roam, multiplayer, VR experience at the the MGM [...]

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