We visited CES 2018 in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Over four days we seriously went to hundreds of VR and AR booths to check out the new gear and software. It was awesome.

While we were there we got the chance to visit the free roam, multiplayer, VR experience at the the MGM Grand. There is a cool club at the very bottom of the MGM Grand called Level Up, dedicated to video games of all sorts, in fact the week of CES there was the 30th annual Street Fighter world tournament there.

As cool as that may be, even more interesting was the Free Roam, Multiplayer, Warehouse Scale VR Experience there, built and run by by Zero Latency out of Australia.

We booked a one hour VR experience one evening after the show floors and crowds of CES. We tried the space shooter with a group of eight. Our group consisted of a father and son from Texas, an Oculus engineer and three twenty somethings from China. A guide walks you into the staging room, fits you with the backpack, headset and explains what you need to know. Then you walk into the warehouse scale room to play the game. It was a great experience.

While talking to the Oculus engineer in our group, he says the lead engineer from Zero Latency was sitting out in the lobby. So afterwards while Julia played Pac Man on a 12 foot by 12 foot wall, I visited with him for an hour about their hardware, software, market and Australia. It was a great conversation.

Then, we booked the second VR experience they offered, so we could see the puzzle navigation game and their zombie shooter. All three were pretty great for the limited game play and learning curve that one hour of play time and set up limits consumers too. My favorite was the zombie shooter.